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LET’S GO BACK TO Charlie’s Angels at the 70′s.

Every now and then a television show has a lot of impact on how people look on the streets. Charlie´s Angels was one of these shows. Every girl wanted to look like Sabrina or Jill. With high-waist, flared denims, cute little blouses and off course their hairdo. The Angels didn’t wear mini skirts but they did like pretty short shorts, or wide, knee-length skirts. Due to their profession they also wore suits and shirts. To look more powerful yet also to look really feminine.

It seems as if people on the streets nowadays also add some Angel power to their looks. High-waist power suits, flared pants with real high heels. Maybe a little bit more edgy but still with the 70’s in mind. Even some of the colors from that period you will see on the catwalk these days. Dark and warm colors, like burgundy, forest green.

To give you an idea what 70´s fashion looks like, we will show you some of our favorite items from the webshop. Without the perfect, wavy hairdo´s, this you have to add yourself!

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  1. Catherine at Vintage Fills said 3 years, 1 week, 6 days, 12 hours, 51 minutes ago:

    I love Charlie’s Angels, 70s fashion at it’s very best! Great post. x

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